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We're on a mission
to create fulfilling careers.

Our training, coaching and measurement solutions optimize every step: Hiring, Onboarding, Development and Offboarding.

Hi, I'm Kim.

As a proven ad industry leader my career thrived on “speaking data’s language” to find new insights, see a problem in a new way, and find creative solutions to drive my clients’ business objectives.


SlipStitch applies that passion for data creativity to a problem near and dear to my heart: employee burnout.


We’re on a mission to create fulfilling careers.


Let’s get to work.

We believe...

People that know more about themselves are better equipped to map their own path to a fulfilling career.

So, we give each employee the tools to learn more every day about what drives and engages them and then use that knowledge to take ownership of their own career fulfillment.

Connection is vital. We all need help from others to be at our best.

So, we align processes, technology and training to ensure managers and employees can stay connected with productive conversations at every step.

Measurement should be in service of better outcomes – not better numbers.

So, we customize a measurement plan linked to your business objectives and designed to help you learn and act.

Our approach

Our services

Whole People Strategy

An organizational roadmap to guide your processes, measurement and optimization throughout an employee's entire experience: Hiring, Onboarding, Development, and Offboarding.

Employee Development

A combination of group training and 1:1 coaching to empower each team member to take control of their own career fulfillment.

Management and Leadership Development

Group training and 1:1 coaching to create leaders who know how to foster the most engaged and resilient teams.

Measurement Framework and People Analytics

Establish what and how to measure employee fulfillment and success, giving you and your teams actionable insights at every step.

Ongoing Employee or

Team Coaching

Continued development on an individual or team basis.

Additional Organizational Consulting and Support

Hiring and Interviewing Process

New Employee Onboarding

Offboarding Strategy and Process

Performance Reviews

Title and Compensation Structure

Employee Value Proposition

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