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About SlipStitch

Kim Dunn 

People Consultant, Certified HR Analyst, Ad Agency Veteran, Wife, Mom, Crocheter

I spent 15 years in ad agencies, climbing the ranks to help lead the fastest-growing media and data science team in the market to a 4X increase in billings in as many years. I was fortunate enough to work on exceptional brands like Goodyear, 3M, General Mills, Land O'Lakes, and DIRECTV (to name a few).

Struggling with the effects of burnout myself, I became obsessed with ending this epidemic. As the proud mom of two hilarious, creative, kind (usually) kids I'm driven to make a workforce where they can one day thrive as the best versions of themselves.

I consumed every piece of research, podcast, and book I could find on the subject and became certified in HR Analytics. From there, I crafted my unique approach to create fulfilling workplaces.


slip · stitch

A basic crocheting technique commonly used to connect two pieces together.

One of my first steps to climb out of my own burnout was crocheting. It's creativity, flow time, a dash of math, and a big dose of accomplishment. I simply love it.

SlipStitch represents finding what lights you up and the connection with others needed to make that a career.


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